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Why is this blog about Reading?

Here you can expect to find many honest reviews of books that I’ve read and liked, loved or disliked. I’ve implemented a score system, so that it’s easier to categorise them, which I’ve explained with further details below.

I based my idea of the score system on the fact that every book is a work of art and deserves some love. I’m an avid reader, as cliché as it may sound, but it’s true and I can’t help it. When I start a new book, I expect to be immersed in it, to not be able to stop thinking about it, even when (or if) I put it down. When a book is good, I forget to eat, sleep and I don’t move from the sofa until I devour it. But I also don’t like wasting precious time (which can be used to read even more books) on ones that I don’t enjoy. People are not always fond of the book they’re reading at the moment, I get it. And that’s okay. It’s just not the right one for them. I am stubborn, so I never leave books unfinished. And it’s not even stubbornness, I just feel like I owe some respect to the people involved in the creation of the book as such for making the effort to write it, to illustrate it and to get it published. That is why I will always give books two stars as a minimum, no matter the content, no matter whether I liked it or not. The way I picture it in my head is very simple: one star goes to the author for writing the book; the second star goes to all the people involved in the creation of the book: that includes the publisher (here I include all the people, working in all departments of the publishing house, who contributed to the publication of the book), the illustrator (if there are drawings), the translator (if it’s not originally written in English), etc. I think that’s fair. So, in the end, a book could always get two stars as a minimum and a maximum of five stars with half-stars in between, depending on how much I enjoyed it. Simple as that.

Now you know how things work around here. Let’s get right into it! 🤓

In case you’re wondering… #owlbeereading!

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