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Why is this blog about Eating?

There’s no way that I don’t include food in this blog as well. I’ve always loved good food (well, maybe not always… I’m looking at you, my 4-year-old-self-who-didn’t-feel-like-eating-at-all) but I had a few issues with it, to put it mildly, in the last two years or so. While I’m trying to restore my healthy relationship with food, I’ll be posting mainly photos of things I’ve prepared at home, some of my favourite recipes and also of restaurants, coffee houses and food markets I’ve visited and enjoyed.

Food is not the enemy, it is not to be feared or condemned. It should be considered as the fuel our bodies need to function properly, not as a reward or punishment. Food is simply delicious and should be enjoyed! I believe that balance is key and we need to nourish our bodies, our minds and our souls in the best ways possible!

Nothing looks as good as being healthy feels! Stay tuned and… stay foolish, stay hungry! 🥥

In case you’re wondering… #owlbeeeating!

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Owl.Bee.Eating in China

Here’s the usual food-related content for the month. We hadn’t had Chinese in a very long time and I was craving egg-fried rice for some reason. One day, we were running errands and didn’t have time to prepare lunch to bring with us beforehand, so we decided to look for…


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Owl.Bee.Eating in Mexico

In June we visited a lovely Mexican street food restaurant in the heart of Edinburgh – El Cartel. There are two locations around the city and the one we chose was El Cartel Teviot, right next to McEwan Hall. We went there with friends, which made the whole experience even…


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Owl.Bee.Eating in the USA

We tend to associate American cuisine mainly with burgers, and my boyfriend was nagging me for months to go for burgers, and we had a pretty good reason to celebrate—we ran 10K at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival 2023!—so we went for burgers! The place we chose was Byron Burgers, the…


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Owl.Bee.Eating in Greece

Going to Greece while still in Edinburgh is possible! Just head over to The Real Greek, a new restaurant on Level 4 of St James Quarter in the city centre, that offers—you guessed it—Greek cuisine. We made a reservation, as it was a Friday night, and overall enjoyed our stay….


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Owl.Bee.Eating in Thailand

In March we’re taking you to Thailand! We visited Chaophraya, a Thai restaurant in Edinburgh, situated in the heart of Edinburgh, a short walk from the castle and George Street. The atmosphere was quite nice, it felt glamorous and classy and the setting was contemporary with little hints of Thai…


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Owl.Bee.Eating in Japan

In February we went to a Japanese restaurant. We shared a lovely meal with friends in one of Maki & Ramen’s locations in Edinburgh. The food was great, and even though the place in Fountainbridge was full to the brim, as we couldn’t have picked a busier night (we went…


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Cinnamon Bites

Servings: 8 small balls Finally, a new recipe on the blog! I’ve had this one prepared for so long, and it’s so good and simple to make that it’s a shame I didn’t post it earlier. Anyway, it’s here now! It’s something that you will fall in love with if…


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Owl.Bee.Eating in Italy

It’s finally time to resurrect the two categories of the blog that I’ve been neglecting lately, eating and exploring! For starters, I will be updating the ‘Eating’ tab each month with different places to eat that we have visited to try a different type of cuisine. Twelve months, twelve cuisines…


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‘Peaches and Cream’ Overnight Oats

Servings: 1 I’ve had this recipe ready to be published on the blog for a few weeks and then I forgot about it! Now, I think it’s already too late for nectarines to be in season, so you could adjust the main ingredient according to your preferences and taste! 🙂…


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Beetroot Energy Balls

Makes: 12 balls Beetroot in a sweet snack? An unusual combination but it works! The earthy flavour of the beetroot combines perfectly with the natural sweetness of the dates and the hint of coconut gives these bites a subtle tropical tang. I had to experiment a few times to reach…


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