Hi! I’m Joana. After an unsuccessful attempt to start liking world economics and international business, I decided I wanted to do something more… specific? I realised that the only thing I’ve been doing all the time since I was little, without it turning into a chore or something to get fed up with really quickly, is reading. My grandma taught me how to read long before I started elementary school and since then books have been a constant in my life. I enrolled into a master’s degree in publishing and that’s the best decision I’ve made so far!

To get to know me better, I’ve decided to make these like/don’t like lists with random or weird facts about me because, besides being a bookworm, I’m also proud to be a weirdo. I feel like these lists are easier to compile and I might also update them from time to time, just for fun. 🙂 So here they go:

Things I LIKE:

  • I love cooking healthy dishes, traveling, exploring new places and being outdoors, in nature! I absolutely love flowers and all kinds of plants, although I’m a terrible plant mother. I can take care of cacti, though, does that count?
  • I like getting together with my friends, I adore my family, especially my little sister, who’s the most annoying and sweetest thing in the world at the same time!
  • I like playing board games, cross stitching and drawing. One of the things that always relaxes me is doing puzzles! Of course, I love watching movies and TV series, my boyfriend and I are huge fans and could watch anything and everything.
  • I love going out for long walks or for a fun outdoor activity, like skiing (I’m really good at it) and tennis! I discovered home workouts can be really fun and I don’t let a day go by without some kind of a way to move my body. I’ve been a dancer for almost half my life, so I’m quite used to being active all the time.
  • I’ve been fascinated by trains, train stations and everything train-related since I was a kid. I absolutely love traveling by train!
  • I love going on food shopping trips to the supermarket, going out for lunch (dinners are overrated), but breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I adore spices and I use a lot of them when I cook (except for salt – I hate salt). My favourite spices and flavours are cinnamon, cumin, paprika, turmeric, vanilla and coconut.
  • A book that I particularly like? The Harry Potter series. #Always. Favourite film/TV series? Interstellar & Friends (and a couple of thousand more).
  • I’m a perfectionist, a neat freak and I need to keep everything in order, properly organised and classified. I love putting little labels on everything I own. According to my sister, I’m best described as a hybrid between Sheldon Cooper (from The Big Bang Theory TV series) and Adrian Monk (from Monk TV series). Oh, I’m also Ross from Friends.

Things I DON’T LIKE:

  • I don’t really like buying clothes and (un)packing suitcases.
  • I’m terrified of dogs (I have a trauma from my childhood), that’s why I don’t particularly like them much or getting near them, but my sister’s dog, a French bulldog (more like a pig-dog), Nero, is helping me to get through this.
  • I’m also scared of birds and just the thought of their feathers and plumage makes me nervous!
  • I don’t particularly enjoy going out to party a lot, although I’ve spent my early 20s dancing at salsa parties until dawn! Nowadays I’d prefer to snuggle up in a coffee shop corner with a cup of hot coffee (black Americano, my favourite) and a book.
  • I hate it when people are inconsiderate or rude or super loud and noisy.
  • I need to pick a side of the bed when we stay at a hotel and, of course, I have my own spot at home, which means I don’t let anyone else sit there!
  • I hate the heat (summers in Spain are the worst!) and I actually prefer autumn and winter.
  • A book that I don’t like? The one that I’m currently writing. 🙂

It is nice to (virtually) meet you!

If you want to drop me a message about a book, a collaboration or you have a question, you can do so at owlbeereading@gmail.com.