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Why is this blog about Exploring?

You can read all about my travels here as well. I love to travel and it’s the best when I do it with my fiancé (you’ll probably hear a lot about him here too).

We love exploring new destinations and seeing different lifestyles, different cultures and cities. One of the greatest things about traveling is that it makes you appreciate life as a whole. You learn to admire beauty and nature, everything that’s unfamiliar to you, new and different or scary, while at the same time you learn to appreciate more what you do have, your own lifestyle, your own country, city or even your tiny home. Not to mention the people. It connects you, not only to the people you meet along the journey but also to everyone ‘back home’, everyone that’s already in your life. Traveling makes you miss things and people, and there’s some kind of a twisted beauty in that, a nostalgia, and the memories that we’re left with.

In my case, I’m not only going to write about our travels. In this section I’ll also include places we’ve explored or things we’ve experienced. Like museums, exhibitions, festivals, fun one-day activities, events, etc. That’s why I didn’t want to limit myself to only ‘traveling’ but wished to include a larger range of topics to share.

I hope you enjoy this part of the blog and find some inspiration! 🌍

In case you’re wondering… #owlbeeexploring!

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Why Owls, Bees and Reading?

In order to celebrate the first milestone of Owl.Bee.Reading – we reached 100 followers on Instagram! – I decided the time has come for some explanation. Sure, for many bookstagrammers having 100 people following them is not a lot but to me it means a lot. So, a massive THANK…


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New Beginnings… Starting this blog was something I’ve put aside for far too long but when I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands during lockdown, I decided I shouldn’t procrastinate anymore and finally get to it. I love the start of something new: there’s always…


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Welcome to my personal space!

We all know the famous meme with the astronaut saying ‘I need space’ and it has both literal and figurative meaning. It couldn’t be more accurate in my case. While I am crazy about space and cosmos, astronomy, stars and planets (a little bit about this passion of mine – in a separate post), I…


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