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Welcome to my personal space!

We all know the famous meme with the astronaut saying ‘I need space’ and it has both literal and figurative meaning. It couldn’t be more accurate in my case. While I am crazy about space and cosmos, astronomy, stars and planets (a little bit about this passion of mine – in a separate post), I also felt that I needed my own online space where I can just… write. Write about what excites me and makes me who I am.

This is the place where I’ll talk mainly about books and bookish topics, sometimes about food and trips to different places. This is my personal Internet bubble and although I feel kind of exposed and a bit terrified to put my thoughts out there, I’m also excited! I’ve been planning this for far too long and I can’t wait to get started and share what’s on my mind.

I like to think of this space as a treasure chest – it’s full of little gems, tiny pieces of my beloved books, personal experiences and inner thoughts. Books have a huge role in my life, so I’ll make them the “heart” of this blog, while I’ll also try to switch things up and include more topics from time to time. I hope that everyone could find a little something for themselves, their own piece of gem.

Feel free to explore the treasures of the (book) world with me! 💎📚

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